Science bitches

ATTENTION EVERYONE: Ive decided this must be said. For each element you must find it’s symbol. For letters by them selves, just leave them as they are. After deducing this, put the symbols in place of their elements to decode this. I am Phosphorus A Nitrogen Selenium X U Aluminum. ;)

it is also disgusting btw

this is what everyone feels like when they scroll down to the first posts they made on any social media site like tumblr or facebook

the eating of the worm is us going to delete the posts

the cringing face as he chews on it is us debating whether or not to delete them

and the pulling the worm out of his mouth is us backing out of the decision to delete our posts and just let them sit there

your move, internet.

im fine really

all of my shows

are on hiatus

this isn’t real it cannot be happening


  • Sherlock
  • Supernatural
  • Doctor Who
  • Bones

like no



But then I remember

no im not

so then im like

and none of my irl friends or my family are in fandoms with me

my brother occasionally watches Supernatural with me so he can tease me about the feels

my dad watches Supernatural and Bones but not nearly as often as I do

and my mum hates Supernatural and isn’t too fond of Bones

so everyone in my life is like

im so fine